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My name is Gary Seraphinoff and this is the online home of The Seven Gables Motor Garage, Ltd. It’s a marketplace for Jaguar XK120-140-150 original spare parts and even the occasional XK sporting car. Its also a gathering place where interesting information and postings can be shared about these exciting classics.

Gary, owner of Vintage XKs, unearthing Alloy XK120 OTS #670083

Folks have heard me say “I enjoy the parts as much as the entire car” and thats true! While I sometimes sell or help others to sell an entire car, our large store of original spares is the present focal point of the business.  Our spares and XK cars have been shipped all around the globe from Mexico to the Middle East and seemingly all points between. A cylinder head sent to Malaysia, a bonnet shipped to Australia, an XK120 Fixed Head Coupé gone to Lebanon as well as many other far flung places, it’s been quite a geography lesson.

Thanks for looking, poke around and don’t hesitate to contact me with the online Contact form or direct email at [email protected]

Where does the name The Seven Gables Motor Garage, Ltd. come from?

Anyone of any background can have an affection for English cars. Thats certainly proved by the makeup of my many nationalities. While I only have 25% British ancestry I have been a fan of Brittania since I can remember. Decades ago I even spent some years as a Celtic harp builder.  Therefore, in the manner in which the British have had the quaint practice of often naming their homes, we have named our home The Seven Gables. To the rear of the home is a garage/shop housing a modest number of my own Jaguar XK’s in differing states of repair as well as shelves groaning with the weight of thousands of original XK spares. Yes, the business name is a long one and now it’s easy to remember the name of our online home: www.VintageXKs.

It all started with a book . . .

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